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Distribution to most people is the simple task of transporting an item from one location to another. Monarch Custom Beverages is more than just an average distributor. As part of our turnkey solutions we bottle, package, store and distribute your private label beverages. Through our inventory management, you can rest assure that your private label beverage is ready when it is ordered by you or retailers such as grocery stores, gourmet shops, local restaurants, pubs, etc... Because Monarch Custom Beverages stores the products until they are needed, retailers' inventory is kept at the freshest level possible for consumers. 
Located in the Midwest along the interstate system, making shipping to both coasts easy and affordable, our main bottling facility in Cold Springs, MN offers 500,000 sq ft of new warehouse space and 125,000 sq ft of brewing, batching and bottling. We produce beer, malt beverages and non-alcoholic beverages from our main facility, known to many as the Gluek Brewery. The brewery has been modernized and rebuilt over the past several years, and is now a state-of-the-art brewery and beverage product development and production facility. As the preferred co-packer in the industry we have a case capacity of 50-60 million cases annually. In fact, we are the largest energy drink producer in the United States. Trust your private label beverage distribution to the experts at Monarch Custom Beverages.
All New 500,000 sq ft of warehouse
Our Cold Springs, MN Bottling Facility